Integrated Services:

Vireo Application Program Interface (API) can be used to develop add on services as part of the Vireo Eco-system. Below is a list of the current services that are integrated and work with the Vireo API. 

If you would like to develop your own apps and services you can contact us today to request access to the API and documentation.

Quality British InvestigatorsPrivate InvestigationPrice Comparison (Tendering)
Legal Investigators UKPrivate InvestigationPrice Comparison (Tendering)
Vireo Recruitment ProfilesAllMan Power (Recruitment)

We are currently in Discussion with other Industry Bodies and Agencies to provide external services for the Vireo Eco-System.

Showcase: Q.B.I.

The most popular business service that is trending worldwide at the moment is price comparison websites (PCW), you can not switch on the TV today without seeing an advert from a price comparison website. 

From Skyscanner or Kayak for Flights,, or Trip Advisor for Hotels, uSwitch, GoCompare, Money Supermarket for Utilities or the likes of CheckaTrade, My Builder, Rated People or Trust a Trader that provide a tradesman comparison service, price comparison websites are extremely popular at the moment, with the market currently in the Trillions of Pounds.

The benefits of Price Comparison Websites are that the user can get the best price for the best service while allowing them to leave feedback for other consumers. This is beneficial not only for the consumer but also for the companies. Customers want to read legitimate reviews from real people, not settle with word of mouth guarantees. The Businesses want to earn and show off the feedback from their hard work. The only people who do not want to face public scrutiny are rogue traders. Using this business review system allows “Quality British Investigators” to Improve the standards in the industry while isolating rogue traders.

The external service “Quality British Investigators” is a price comparison, contract subscription service, they provide the service via their website, iPhone, Android & Windows apps, for their clients to submit job requests and receive back quotations from their subscription companies. Their clients can then:

  1. Review prices and choose a company.
  2. Accept a quotation and price they prefer.
  3. Sign all agreements and contracts online instantly.

Their clients can then follow along with job progress, compliance, get instant reports and media, protect their data with Vireo’s copy protection algorithms and liase with multiple companies all from a single service across multiple devices.

Many UK Investigators ask for payment upfront before they will start the contract. “Quality British Investigators” service offers an Escrow system provided by Transpact. This allows the client to add their payment and they can ensure that the job is complete and they are happy, before they release the payment. This is beneficial for both the Client and the Investigator, the client knows their money is safe incase of a rogue trader and the Investigator knows the client has the funds and is going to get paid at the end of the contract. The Client at the end of the contract simply release their payment to the Investigator. Transpact also provide an external arbitration service.

“Quality British Investigators” is currently the only public Price Comparison service on the market today for the Private Investigation industry.

The Ultimate Management software for the Security & Investigation Industries.