Secure Access

Employee Secure Login system with Encrypted Connection, Two Factor Authentication and using Data Access Principle of Least Privilege, means Employees have access to critical data only when they require it.

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Application Form Wizards

Applicants are funnelled through the easy to follow, Application Form Wizards which make the application process easy to follow along with. Broken into sections, which they can resume from at any time.

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Personal Profile

Employees have the ability to manage their own profile. They can add their continued professional development, and keep their employment information up-to date.

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Confidential Messaging

Employees can use the confidential messaging system to send internal messages to your Management teams. Your Management team member must then Login to their account to view the message, keeping the correspondence secure.

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Invoicing System

Employees can upload their invoices directly into the system. If they do not know how to create an Invoice, they can use the in-built Invoice Generator and can also check their invoice history at any time.

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Job Administration

All the tools your Employees needed to manage Jobs, from Location Tracking to Shift Calendar and Rotas to Report submission, the system has all the tools needed for your Employees to manage jobs for your company.

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Data Protection

Employees have the Ability to Export their Personal Data in our own encrypted .VSSP format. Employees can also submit a Data Request which is automatically sent to the company Data Controller.

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Document Signing

Get your Employees to Instantly eSign any Company Agreements online in seconds. Company Agreement document workflow, simplified.

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Copy Protection

Our built in Copy Protection prevents your Employees from duplicating, copying or taking screenshots of information that they should not be sharing. If they try to make a copy, they are instantly banned and Management are notified. Helping keep your critical business data secure.

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The Ultimate Management software for the Security & Investigation Industries.

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