Data Request

From the Data Request section, your clients may send a Subject Access Request directly to your company’s internal Data Controller.

The request options available are: 

  • GDPR: Right To Be Forgotten
  • GDPR: Automated Decision Taking
  • GDPR: Access Request
  • GDPR: Request for Rectification
  • GDPR: Usage Restriction Request
  • GDPR: Objection
  • GDPR: Report Data Breach
  • GDPR: Other Data Request


Data Destruction

To ensure you do not lose Third Party Data and receive fines, the system has been built with data protection in mind. It is very easy to complete data destruction and comply with the law. 

If you dont hold data on third parties anymore, how can you can receive fines for losing the data, If at any time there is a breach ? 

Staying on top of the Data Destruction process minimises the risk of heavy fines from the ICO, as you have done everything in your power to comply with data protection laws.

If a Data Destruction Agreement has been generated by the management team for a specific job, the next time the Client signs in, they will be requested to sign that Data Destruction Agreement.

You will notice, unlike the Employees, the Client has the ability to “Sign Later”. This allows the Client to skip the signature to first back-up their reports and media for the job before signing the agreement.

Once the Client has signed the Management team are instantly notified, so the final stage of the Data Destruction process can be completed.

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