Enquiry Wizard

The Enquiry Wizard takes the client through an easy step by step process of submitting an Enquiry to your company. They are first asked to choose a service sector, only the sectors with quotation questions added to the management portal are displayed.

The next section displays the list of questions that has been added by management for that sector, the client must complete the form and reply to the enquiry questions provided.

The enquiry can then be used for the administration team, to quickly put together a quotation from the clients answers.

Quotation Listings

Once a quotation has been sent to a Client, they are notified by email and push notification. They are advised to login and view their quotation. From within the Client portal they can click into the quotations section to view the Quotation Listings. 

This gives the client an overview of their Quotation History, any outstanding quotes and the current status of the quotations. Clicking the “View” button on the individual quote takes the client to the Quotation Review page. 

Quotation Review

The Quotation Review page gives the Client a full breakdown of the quotation including possible start date, quotation breakdown details and a list of the quotation items and their prices.

The prices are automatically totalled up by the system and if you have selected VAT registered and provided a VAT rate in the management portal, the system automatically totals up the VAT onto the quotation.

Quotation Acceptance

If the Client is content with the quotation and is happy to proceed, can click the “Accept Quote” button to then be asked to double check and confirm they are Happy to proceed with the Quote.

Upon confirming their acceptance, based on if they are a private or commercial client and the options the management have chosen for Client Invoice settings one of two things will happen:

Upfront Payment: If management have chosen upfront payment, the client is diverted to the payment page, where they can pay with their debit/credit card or paypal.

Once payment is taken and the acceptance response is received by the payment processor, the system then automatically:

  • Marks the quotation as accepted.
  • Generates an invoice from the data in the quotation.
  • Marks the new invoice as paid.
  • Adds the payment transaction to the clients account.

All at the single click of a button.

Payment on Invoice: If management have chosen to allow payment on invoice, when the client clicks accept, an invoice is generated from the data in the quotation and the quote is marked as accepted. The client must then make a payment to the invoice at a later date instead of paying upfront for the service.

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