Invoice History

Any invoice generated automatically from acceptance of a quotation or manually by the management can be view from the “Invoice History” page of the client portal.

It gives the client an overview of the invoice reference number, date added, due date, total amount due, If the invoice has VAT and the rate charged aswell as the payment status, the date it was paid and method it was paid with.

Invoice PDF Download

The client can download their invoices in PDF file format for their records. 

The invoice is stamped with either “Un-Paid” or “Paid” depending on the payment status of the invoice.

Making Payments

Clients can make payments in one of Three ways: 

  • Contact administrators to process the card details via the management portal.
  • Upon acceptance of a Quotation that requires an Upfront payment.
  • Payment of an outstanding invoice by the client from their portal.

If a client has paid with a card previously, during card processing, the external payment company provides the portal with a Token using an industry standard called “payment tokenization” to recharge the clients card. 

If the system detects a Token and a stored card, the option to recharge the card appears to the Client. This makes it extremely easy for repeat business and for the client to make payments easily.

Payment History

Any payments that the client makes or that are taken by management can be viewed from within the “Payment History” page which gives the client an overview of all the payments they have made across all previous jobs.

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