Job Overview

The Job overview page lets the client review and manage the job while liasing with the management teams in a confidential environment. They have the ability to Add / Edit Subjects, review subject profiles, View and download Reports and Media, Add and View Miscellaneous documents and Review and Pay any invoices that are part of the individual Job.


While the Job is in the Pending status, the Client has the ability to add their own Subjects to the Job and make any edits that they wish to the Subjects.

Once the Job Status is switched to Active the editing capabilities are removed from the Client and must ask management to switch the job back to pending for them to make changes or alternatively ask management to make the changes for them.

This prevents the client from changing the goal posts for the guys on the ground during a live operation and ensures that any changes must be passed by the management team first.

Subject Profiles

Once a client has added the subject be it an Individual, Property or Vehicle, a Profile is generated for the Subject. The Client can then edit the Profile for each subject adding photos and additional details for your teams to work with.

All details added by the client, to the subject profiles are available to members of your team in realtime. This allows clients to liase with your teams in a controlled manner without direct contact between the client and your team members.


All standard reports that are signed off by the management team for the specific job are available from the reports section from within the Job Overview page.

The reports section also includes the summary report for the specific job, if it has been signed off from the management teams to the client.


Listed in the media section is a list of media images, that pertain to the specific job, that have been signed off by the management for the client to review. The table gives them an image reference, the date and time the image was uploaded and a link to view and download the image from the system.

Also Listed in the media section is a list of media videos, that pertain to the specific job, that have been signed off to the Client by the management team aswell. The video table is the same and provides a video reference, the date and time the video was uploaded and a link to view and download the video from the system.

Miscellaneous Documents

Client has the ability to upload any document into the “Miscellaneous Documents” section that simply doesn’t fit into any other category. The documents that they upload, are only available to view by the management team and the client themselves.

They add a document title, state what the document type is and add a file in image format or popular document formats PDF, XLS, DOC or DOCX.


The invoices section displays invoices that are specific to the individual job.

It gives the client an overview of the invoice reference number, date added, due date, total amount due, If the invoice has VAT and the rate charged aswell as the payment status, the date it was paid and method it was paid with.


Notes can added by the client to the Job, this is especially helpful for clients with many jobs who want to keep notes to keep organised.

Only the management team and the Client themselves can view the Client’s job notes.

Data Destruction

When the client reviews their final report, the system automatically generates a data destruction agreement for the job, they are then asked to sign the Data Destruction Agreement to complete the Data Destruction process.

If a Data Destruction Agreement has been generated by the management team for a specific job, the next time the Client signs in, they will be requested to sign that Data Destruction Agreement.

You will notice, unlike the Employees, the Client has the ability to “Sign Later”. This allows the Client to skip the signature to first back-up their reports and media for the job before signing.

Once the Client has signed the Management team are instantly notified, so the final stage of the Data Destruction process can be completed.

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