Basic Registration

When the Client first attempts to register, they are brought to the basic registration page.

This page takes the basic information from the client:

Firstname, Surname, Landline, Mobile, Email and Password.

Once the client has completed these fields, their account is set up and they are taken to the first stage of the Wizard process, which is the Account Type Wizard.

Account Type Wizard

Step 1 – Get Started:

The getting started step states:

“Welcome to our secure account setup wizard.You will be guided through the wizard; this should take no more than a couple of minutes. 

Please note: In order to remain ‘security’ and ‘data protection’ compliant this system does not allow information to be copied from it. Should you accidentally or attempt to copy critical information the system will prevent this and log you out and inform an administrator, this is a precautionary measure to protect your personal or sensitive data. If this happens by accident, don’t worry, please log back in and continue. Please contact us should you have any problems whatsoever, we will be very happy to help and if required we will help you complete the process over the phone.”

Step 2 – Usage:

Step 2 asks the Client if they will be using the account for their own personal affairs on or behalf a commercial organisation.

Step 3 – Payments:

Step 3 asks the client if they will be making payments from their own personal account or from the account of the organisation.

From the answers the client gives, the system determines the account that would best suit their needs.

Account Basics Wizard

Based on the account type chosen during the Account type Wizard, the account Basics Wizard morphs to suit the client account type.

Personal Account:

Step 1 – Personal Information:

Verify Firstname, Surname, Landline & Mobile

Step 2 – Address Details:

Client’s Address, Town, Postcode & Country

Commercial Account:

Step 1 – Company Info: 

Company name, First Name, Last Name, Phone, Mobile.

Step 2 – Company Address:

Address, Town, Postcode & Country of Company.

Step 3 – Additional Info:

Company Website, Registration Number & VAT Number.

Step 4 – Data Protection:

ICO Number, Data Controller within the Organisation.

Due Dilligence Wizard

The Due Dilligence wizard is for the Personal Clients Only.

Step 1 – Address Verification:

Allows your Personal clients to upload their address documents for your administration teams to review.

Step 2 – Identity Information:

Clients can upload their indentification documents into the system so your administration teams can complete due dilligence on your clients. 

Enquiry Wizard

When the client first goes through the wizard process they are presented with the enquiry wizard for them to place an order

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