Basic Registration

Once your employees click “Register”, they are presented with a quick form that takes their basic information, which can include: Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile Number, Sectors applying for, Email, Password and Robot check.

Once they click “Apply”, they are instantly sent an email to advise that an Application account has been set up and they can login to continue with the application. They are automatically re-directed to the Secure Login page, with a message advising to login with the email and password they have just provided, to continue with the rest of the application.

Personal Information Wizard

Once they login after basic registration, they are first brough to the “Personal Information Wizard” which first displays a welcome message advising them:

“Welcome to the Account Wizard, this will guide you through the process of completing your account. If you have already completed this wizard in the past, please step through carefully checking that all the information is correct, accurate and up to date.”

The personal information wizard is split down into five sections and each section consists of;

Basic Information: Marital Status, Nationality, Ethnic Group, Religion, Home Phone, SIA Licence Number

Address Information: House No, Address, Town/City, Post/Zip code, Country

Personal Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Health Information: Height, Weight, Blood Group

Medical Record Location: Medical Record Address, Dental Record Address

Clicking the “Finish” button saves the progress and moves the applicant onto the next Wizard.

Profile Information Wizard

The next section is the “Profile Information Wizard” and this consists of:

Next of Kin Information: Name, Address, Town/City, Post/Zip Code, Landline, Mobile, Relationship

Languages: Ability for applicant to add an unlimited number of languages they speak from a pre-populated list of every world language including all extinct languages.

Force Information: Military Service Number, Force Country, Force Attended, Force Rank, Previous Job or Trade Description.

Additional: Hobbies, Interests, National Insurance Number, Have a Driving Licence (Yes / No), Driving Licence Number, Any Disabilities (Yes / No), Criminal Record (Yes / No), Work Permit Required (Yes / No), Computer Literacy.

Employment Information Wizard

The “Employment Information Wizard” is the next section which consists of:

Company Info: Company Name, Address, Town, Postcode, Country, Company Registration Number, VAT Registration Number, Company Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).

Data Protection: ICO Number, ICO Expiry Date.

Task Readiness: Checklist of capabilities and equipment that they may have for Specialist tasks.

Biography: A short biography for the applicant to free hand type and promote themselves.

Insurance Information Wizard

If the applicant is applying for a self employed position, they can complete the “Insurance Information Wizard”, the overview for this wizard advises employees to disregard the section, there is a “Skip” button for them to easily skip past this wizard section. This section consists of:

  • Employer Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Professional Indemnity

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Wizard

The next section allows the applicant to upload items that would be received as part of a CV, the wizard asks for:

Education: Establishment, Education Type (Secondary School, College, University, Military, Online), Year Enrolled, Year Graduated.

Qualifications: Qualification File, Awarding Body, Year Awarded, Training Provider, Expiry Date.

Employment: Employer, Job Title, Sector, Start Date, End Date.

References: Name, Establishment, Role, Telephone, Email, Length of time they have known the Individual.

Evidence Upload Wizard

The Evidence section allows you to collect your Due Dilligence for your employees via and easy to use upload form. The section forms consists of:

  • Address Verification
  • Passport Upload
  • Driving Licence Upload
  • Security (SIA) Licence
  • DBS Certificate 

 They are given a breakdown of exactly what information is required for each upload and if the upload expires, a date selector is provided for them to provide the expiry date.

Once the applicants have uploaded the evidence, each section is checked off and the applicant is notified that the evidence has been uploaded and has been successfully received.

The expiry dates are used for the system to notify you and the employee when their evidence is due to expire and when it has expired.

Appearance Wizard

The final wizard is the “Appearance Wizard”, this section asks all questions relating to the applicants appearance, they consist of:

Tattoos:  Location, Design, Colour, Size, If Visible when wearing T-shirts and Shorts.

The applicants are advised: “Body art is not considered a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, therefore Clients are free, by law, to base their hiring decisions on this aspect alone.” 

Hair Details:  Hair Style, Hair Colour, Willing to Change Hairstyle / Hair Colour, Facial Hair, Willing to Change Facial Hair. 

Profile Photo:  The system provides a photo upload and editor for the applicant to add a passport sized photo of their head and shoulders for your records to the system.

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