Data Watermarking

Visible text and Invisible code watermarking make taking photographs of the portal and sharing of your private data a technical nightmare for rogue employees. 

Using similar technology to the movie studios that code watermark their promotional movie screeners, our technology works in the exact same way, adding watermarks that are not detectable to the human eye, but can be retrieved using professional grade photo editing software to add specific filters that allow us to display the identifying watermarks. 

If they share the photograph, it makes identifying the individual who leaked the data easy to track. 

The rogue employee must use professional image editing software to edit the photograph and try to remove all text watermarks and also find and remove all invisible code watermarks on the pages and media they may have photographed, making it extremely difficult to photograph and share private data without the leaks being easily tracked back to the rogue employee in question.

While it may not be a 100% perfect solution, it acts as a technical deterrant to any employee planning on taking photographs of the screen and sharing it with others outside the company.

Copy Protection

Pressing the copy shortcuts or using the copy commands built into the operating system, instantly fires the system copy protection. It listens for the copy commands on Windows, Mac and Linux and if it detects either the copy shortcuts or the copy command sent to the OS, the copy protection system activates. 

The copy protection system instantly bans the employee from the system, notifies management and then instantly overwrites the clipboard on the computer with a warning text that they must not attempt to copy information. When they go to a text editor and paste the data that they copied previously, the warning message is displayed instead, so the data they attempted to steal is overwritten making the data breach attempt unfruitful.

Screenshot Protection

Same as the Copy Protection if the screenshot button is pressed or a screenshot program is activated on mac or windows, the copy protection system is triggered.

The screenshot protection system instantly bans the employee from the system, notifies management and then instantly overwrites the screenshot in the clipboard with a warning.

We noticed that you could get around the screenshot protection by simply making the window with the data inactive, then pressing the print screen button or using a print screen program, you could capture the data on the screen. We added our own inactive window protection, which replaces the data on the screen with a warning when you make the window inactive. This prevents an employee from screenshotting the data by instantly hiding the data in the inactive window.

Mobile Apps Screenshot Disabled

Due to mobile operating systems having the ability to take a screenshot using key combinations, our Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps have the screenshot capabilities turned off, this prevents the device from taking a screenshot while the app is open

With the app open and active, when taking a screenshot by pressing the screenshot button combination on the device, the employee is displayed with a warning “Couldn’t capture screenshot” with the description “Taking screenshots isn’t allowed by your app or organisation”

This screenshot prevention combined with data watermarking helps you to protect your company data from being stolen and shared by rogue employees. 

We found that the simple threat of losing their employment from being caught copying data, is enough to stop employees from even making the attempt to steal or copy any data.

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