Custom Catchment

You can specify the options for each agreement and if the Employee fits the catchment, they are requested to sign the agreement.

For instance if an employee registers and their account is set by management to a self employed account and they applied for the Close Protection sector. If you have an agreement for Self Employed Close Protection Operators, the employee would be triggered to e-sign that agreement.

Any personal agreements that the management have added to the employees account, they would also be forced to sign these personal agreements aswell.

Instant e-Signature

Employees can instantly sign driving declarations, company agreements and contracts online instantly speeding up the process. 

If your company is using a paper based signature system, you have to ask your employees to download a file, print out the file, then scan it and email it back to your company. 

The problem with this manual method is that it requires your employees to have access to a printer and scanner plus the technical expertise, which alot of applicants and employees simply do not have in this mobile digital age. 

Using our e-Signing process the employee can simply sign the agreement on a Mobile or Tablet using their finger or digital pen or on a PC or Mac using either their mouse, digital pen or touch screen.

Making the process completely digital not only saves time and effort, but making your document signing process paperless is also good for the environment.

PDF Output

Once the agreement has been signed by the employee, a PDF copy of the signed agreement is generated and stored in the management portal for the management team to review or print.

The signature including the IP address of the employee at the time of signature aswell of the exact date and time to the second the agreement was signed is added to the PDF file as a proof of signature. 

UK businesses should not fear the legality of electronic signatures and should be aware that they have the option of using e-signatures for signing legal documents.

Since the introduction of the Electronic Communications Act 2000 was introduced into UK law, electronic signatures have been legal in the UK. The UK now observes the European Union’s eIDAS regulations that came into force in July 2016. 

The eIDAS regulation meant that all companies in the European Union comply with each other’s e-signature laws and regulations, basically standardising e-signatures across the whole of Europe.

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