Invoice Upload

The employees have the ability to upload Invoices and attatch them to a job that they are currently working on. 

The system is built from the offset so your employees are streamlined to keep and catalogue organised and acurate job finance records by design.

We originally added a section for employees to be able upload invoices for miscellaneous work, or work that is not pertaining to a perticular job.

Miscellaneous Unlock

We found that employees started to become lazy and instead of uploading invoices to the specific job, they would upload everything to the miscellaneous invoice section as it was easier for them to do so. The work around was to lock the Miscellaneous section down and put a form that they needed to complete to request access to upload invoices to the Miscellaneous section. this instantly forced employees to start filing their invoices in the correct jobs and ensuring the records were correct. 

The unlock form was still available to employees who have invoices that are not relating to a job that they would like to upload. The unlock form has confirmation boxes for the employee to agree to before requesting the unlock, they request the employee to agree:

  • “I confirm that the Invoice I am uploading is not relating to a Task.”
  • “I understand that there will be a delay in my Payment if I upload an Invoice to the incorrect section.”

Invoice Generator Settings

Invoice generator settings can be changed by the employee from within the profile information edit section. It allows them to style the invoices to suit their company branding. They only need to change the settings once and it is stored to speed up the generation of future invoices.

Invoice Colour: If the employee is self employed, they can  use the colour picker to match the invoices to their company colours.

Company Logo: If the employee is self employed and they have a logo for their company, they can upload it to brand their invoices.

Invoice Footer: Can be used by the employee to add their payment instructions or any other information they would like to add to the footer of the invoice such as thank you messages etc..

Invoice Generator

The Invoice Generator is for your employees who are working for your company on a self employed basis. It is for those employees who simply do not know how to create their own invoices. 

They simply provide a reference number and add the line items for each invoice row and then can one click generate a branded invoice in PDF file format.

The system detects if the invoice generator should automatically calculate and include VAT based on if the employee has added a VAT registration number to their company details. If they have left the VAT registration number blank, no VAT is calculated on the invoice generator.

The Invoice Generator PDF Export produces a PDF file that has the branding colours and logo, with the line items and the total automatically calculated for them.

They can download the PDF file for their records or file it to a job into the portal for the management to review.

Invoice History

Employees get an overview of all invoices that they have uploaded from their account.

The top overview allows the employee to view statistics showing them the total number of invoices, the total number unpaid invoices, the total outstanding amount due to them aswell as the total that they have been paid.

Below the statistics is a table of all uploaded invoices and by clicking on the “View File” it allows the employee to view and download the previous file that they had uploded from the portal.

There is also call to action buttons for the employee to either use the Invoice Generator or Upload another invoice to their portal.

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