The Dashboard gives the Employee a live quick glance overview of their account.

The top three boxes shows the employee the number of internal messages that they have aswell as the number of operations that they are currently allocated to and which they have access to.

Below that is the invoice and financial overview, showing them the total number of invoices, the total number unpaid invoices, the total outstanding amount due to them aswell as the total that they have been paid.

Quick Links: include a Generate invoice, Upload invoice and My Calendar links for the employee to perform regular actions quickly from the dashboard.

Profile Progress: Gives the employee a quick glance overview of what they have completed and what is required for them to complete their profile progress to 100%. 

Progress is calculated on an individual basis for each employee based on a combination of both the job sectors that the employee has chosen and the options the management have picked as part of the application form builder.

Company Profile

From within the employee portal the employees have a Profile sub section, that allows them to:

  • Edit their Profile Infomation.
  • Add additional Education history.
  • Add Qualifications and Continued Professional Development.
  • Add additional or missing Employment History.
  • Add more References.
  • Upload any additional evidence that your company may require.

Profile Information

The “My profile” section of the employee portal is for the employee to edit their Profile Information. They can modify all fields that they completed during the application process. 

The ability for your employees to change the data that you hold on them, covers your company for the GDPR: Right to Rectification. Because the employee can view all of the data that you hold on them, and they have the ability to submit a data access request from their portal, the system covers you under the GDPR: Right of Access.

Sections: Basic Information, Address Information, Personal Social Media, Health Information, Next of Kin, Capabilities, Languages, Company Information, Insurance Information, Force Details, Invoice Generator Settings and Sector Selection.


The Education section allows the employee to upload additional education to their profile and digital CV.

The same as the Application Wizard they have the ability to add an item to the table with the following fields:

Establishment, Education Type (Secondary School, College, University, Military, Online), Year Enrolled, Year Graduated.

This can then be reviewed by the management teams and either accepted or declined.


The Qualifications section allows the employee to add additional Qualifications to their account. They must upload a Qualification with the following fields:

Qualification File, Awarding Body, Year Awarded, Training Provider, Expiry Date.

If the Qualification has a date awarded after the employee has applied with your company, the Qualification is automatically added to the Continued Professional Development section in the employee’s profile.


Any Employment details that they have forgot to add during the application process or if they want to update your company with any ongoing employment, this can be done from within the Employment History Section. Employment fields consist of:

Employer, Job Title, Sector, Start Date, End Date.


If the applicant or employee has aditional References or their previous References have been rejected by the management team, the employees can use the Reference section to add more References to their profile. The fields they must add to the item are:

Name, Establishment, Role, Telephone, Email, Length of time they have known the Individual.

The reference can then be contacted, checked and moderated by the management team from within the management portal.

Personal Vehicles

The Personal Vehicles page lists all the Vehicles that an Employee has added that they are using for work purposes. They must add the vehicle Registration Number, Make Model, Colour, Year and Class.

Employees are advised: “Please upload any vehicle details you may use on task. We only require to know any private vehicles you use for Insurance and Emergency purposes, please do not add any vehicles that we provide to you.”

From within the vehicle list, there is also a link for them to verify the vehicle with the Government Vehicle Enquiry service which lets them check that their own vehicle is Taxed and has its M.O.T.

Location Update

With the Location Update section, the employee has the ability to update their current location for the Job advertisement section to provide them with more accurate job adverts relevant to their location.

The employee simply types their current address details: Address, Town/City, Postcode / Zipcode & Country the system then goes away and Geocodes the Address and retreives the Longitude and Latitude for the address and stores it in the database as the employee’s latest location.

When they update their location on the map, this is also viewable by the management via the Worldwide Location Map in the management portal. This gives the management team a quick glance overview of exactly where your employees currently are based in the world.

Personal Calendar

From within the Personal Calendar section, the employee has an overview of all shifts across all jobs that the employee is a team member and has been allocated shifts on. It allows them to break their shifts down into a month, week and day view.

Clicking on a Shift allows the Employee to review the shift, add notes to the shift and communicate with management about the individual shift.

If they are a Team leader and have been given access to the full team’s calendar for an individual job, they can access this from within the individual Job page under Task Rota. The “Personal Calendar” will only ever display the employee’s own personal shifts.

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