Encatchment Area

The Job Location information section, displays the Job Address, it allows you to choose an encatchment area from the job location.  You have the choice of Any, 10, 25, 50, 100 , 250, 500 Miles from the Job location. Selecting “Any” will display everybody in your company employee database located anywhere in the world.

The results of the Encatchment area selection are then Displayed in the “Candidate Selection” section of the advertisement page.

Candidate Selection

Once you have chosen an encatchment area above, the list of available candidates is displayed in the “Select Candidates” box, the Candidates name aswell as their location in miles from the job is displayed.

Clicking the employees name on the name on the left will move the candidate to the list of selected candidates on the right. If you want to advertise to all candidates, you can click “Select all” to instantly move all candidates into the selected list.

All candidates you select can be either sent a job vacancy Email or SMS, based on the options you select. 

SMS Notifications

You can choose if you want to Instantly send a job vacancy SMS to all the Candidates selected above. The system goes away to your SMS gatway provider and brings back the number of SMS credits remaining. If your credits will not cover the number of SMS you are wanting to send, the SMS credit box will turn red to alert you. The SMS contains a web link for the Employee to instantly respond with their job availability.

Email Notifications

Same as the SMS notifications, you can also choose if you want to Instantly Send out a job vacancy Email. The email contains a web link for the Employee to instantly respond with their availability.

Facebook Post

If you have setup the facebook page manager from within the settings page, you have the ability to choose from your company pages to automatically post to.

The job advertisement text from the job listing is automatically added into the create post details box, you can modify the text to suit your needs before you submit your advertisement. If you dont tick any pages from the “Select Pages” section, the software will not post anything to your Facebook.

This is an example of the software posting to your Facebook page. The post text is displayed with a link to your own system portal for Employees to login or new Applicants to register.

The image for the link can be changed to suit your business from the settings page, under the category Open Graph. You can also change the Title and description that shows on social media.

Posting to your Facebook pages in this manner, allows your administrator team to manage your Facebook pages without giving them direct access to your personal account on Facebook.


Twitter Post

Similar to Facebook above, if you have setup Twitter Access, you have the ability to post to your Twitter page. Text from the job listing is automatically pre-populated into the “Create Tweet” box ready for you to edit, if you so wish.

This is an example of the system posting to your Twitter account. This allows your administration teams to post to your Twitter account without having to give them the username and password for the specific account. Meaning a disgruntled employee couldn’t possibly steal your company Twitter account.

One Click Advertising

One Click Advertisement allows you to do all of the above at the click of a single button.

Once you have selected your encatchment area and chosen your selection of candidates, you have chosen your SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter options, you click the confirm button.

The system then runs through your candidate list and fires out job vacancy SMS and Email  to your selection, automatically posts the vacancy to Twitter and Facebook on your behalf, all with a single click. 


Lets say a job has been running for a while and the contract has been extended, you can readvertise the same job again and wipe the original unsucessful job candidates clean and start fresh. This gives all the candidates who were never accepted for the job to be readvertised to as if the job is a new job.

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