Security K9 Profiles

If you have a security dog handler company, the system allows you to manage your Canine Profiles. We have worked alongside companies and their handlers to create the built-in security dog management system.

Basic Information

The Basic Information section allows you to add The K9’s name, gender, breed, speciality, coat, date of birth, vices, address of veterinary clinic and microchip number. 

When you add or edit the canine profile, you also have the ability to tie the Canine to an Employee in the system as the dog’s handler.

You also have the ability, if you require, to upload a photo of the canine in question for your records.


The system has a Dog Vaccination Record Book with automatic reminders on when the Vaccinations are due. You simply add the first vaccination and choose a date when the canine is due to be revaccinated and let the system do the rest. The Handler and the management team are notified of the upcoming vaccination booster. 

Team Certifications

Store your Team Certifications for the K9 into the dogs profile, you add the date the certification was aquired, the training body you aquired the training with, the date the certification should be renewed. The system will notify the handler and management teams when the certification is up for renewal.

Continuation Training

Add the Canine’s Continuation Training onto the profile page, you can add the Certification, the external trainer, the training body that the training was completed with and the renewal date if the training is required to be renewed. 


If there has been a bite or any other incident with the K9, you can add it to the Incident section for the Dog, this lets you keep accurate records for each dog.


Add Notes for each Security K9 dog for other administrators to review in the future, the notes help the administrator team keep upto date with the progress of the profile.

The Ultimate Management software for the Security & Investigation Industries.