Agreement Builder

The Agreement builder lets you type the Agreement Title and Agreement text, you can add as much text as required, some of our system customers have agreements that are over one hundred pages in length and the system can handle it no problem. Whatever the size of the agreement simply copy it into the agreement text box.

The “Agreement Text” input is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, this allows you to format your agreements by changing font size, colour, making parts bold, italic. It is the same as using a word processor the same as the likes of Microsoft Word. You can make your agreements looks as fancy and professional as you like.

Once you have added the title and agreement body you then choose what section the agreement is for you can push the agreement to your Clients, Employees or Administrators & Managers.

Agents – Breakdown the agreements by sectors and also employment type. You break your agreements for employees down into any variation of sector and employment e.g you could have a seperate agreement for Internal Private Investigator Employees and a seperate agreement for Self Employed Private Investigators.  Depending on their application form and profile information such as sectors and employment type will determine what agreements they will be required to sign.

Clients – When you select the agreement to be signed by the clients, the options appeaer for you to breakdown the agreements by client type. So you can have a seperate agreements for your Private Clients than your Commercial clients. Selecting “All” from the list, will require both Private and Commercial clients to sign the same agreement.

Ordering – You can order the agreements in any order you like for instance if you require them to sign your NDA before any other agreement you can set the NDA to Order no 1 and the following agreements in sequence after. You can also group agreements into order, so you could have two items on order 1 and two items on order 2. The system will first sort the agreements by the order column and then sort by the date the agreement was added into the system.


Shortcodes allow you to pre populate your agreements with the users profile and system fields to automatically generate a custom agreement for each user. It works in exactly the same way as mail merge, if you have ever used mail merge. If you have worked with WordPress websites you will be familiar with Shortcodes.

Basic Details:

[FULL-NAME] – the first and last name of the person.
[TITLE] – the persons title e.g. Mr, Mrs.
[FIRST-NAME] – The first name of the person.
[LAST-NAME] – the persons last name.
[ADDRESS] – Full address including town / city and zip / postcode.

Employment Contracts:

[NINO] – The employees National Insurance Number.
[EMPLOYMENT-START-DATE] – Set by you when the employee is first accepted into the system.
[PROBATION-SALARY] – If you have set a Probationary Salary during their acceptance.
[START-SALARY] – The Salary the employee has started their employment on.
[CURRENT-SALARY] – The Current salary the employee is receiving if you have set an automated rise.
[INCREASE-AMOUNT] – The amount the employee salary increases each year.
[INCREASE-RATE] – The rate at which the employees salary will increase.
[INCREASE-METHOD] – The method of the yearly increase.


[COMPANY-SIGNATURE] – Allows you to add the Managers Signature image into the Agreement, image can be uploaded in the settings page.
[NEW-PAGE] – Allows you to put a page break in the agreement.


When you change the agreement and require a resign, the old agreement is automatically archived. This ensures that you keep your old agreements and the corresponding signatures. You must archive an agreement before you can permanently delete it.


You can review all the signatures of the people who have already signed the agreements, from here you can also view the Agreement in PDF format.

Force Re-Sign

If they have signed and you are not happy with the signature, you have the ability to delete the signature forcing the user to re-sign the agreement the next time they login to the system.

PDF Agreements

Clicking “View Agreement” from within the signatories page allows you to view the Signed agreement in PDF format for the user.

The PDF agreement is generated by the system and can be viewed inline with a web browser that has the Adobe Acrobat browser extension installed, if your browser does not have any PDF viewer extension installed the file is automatically downloaded.

The PDF file consists of the company branded document header, the agreement title, the agreement body text. The bottom of the agreement has the Agreement Signature, user who signed the agreement, the IP address of the user when the document was signed aswell as the date and exact time to the second that the agreement was signed.

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