Internal Employee Administration

If you choose to turn off the Employee application and portal, you can use the system to internally manage your employees without their input. We recommend allowing your employees to complete their own application and profile as this covers you under GDPR for the lawful consent for processing their data. They give their consent by personally disclosing the data.

Because they have been involved in the process and they have access to their own portal, this covers you under GDPR ‘Right to Access’. They have their own data available at their fingertips 24 hours a day.

Because they have the ability to manage their own data, this covers your company for the GDPR ‘Right to Rectification’ as they can update their own data at any time.

Employee Profile

The Employee profile lets you view all the Employee data at-a-glance. It displays all items you have chosen from the form builder. If an item can not be captured on the application form it does not show on the profile page.

Basic Information:

Home Address, Contact Telephone Numbers, Marital Status, Ethnic Group, Nationality, Gender, Religion, Military No, Biography.

Job Information:

National Insurance Number, Has Driving Licence, Driving Licence Number (One click Driving Licence Check), Disabilities, Criminal Record (Highlights Red if Yes), Work Permit, Languages, Job Capabilities, Sectors, Computer Literacy, Pay Rate, SIA Number.

Health Information:

Height, Weight, Blood Group, Medical & Dental Record Location (Only normally required for Hostile environment security) One click Medical Record Location Lookup.

Next of Kin:

Name, Address, Contact Details, Relationship with Employee.

Employer Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity (Self Employed):

Insurer, Policy Numbers, Maximum Cover & Expiry Date


Hairstyle, Facial Hair (Males), If they are willing to change style. Tattoo locations.

Company Information:

Name, Address, Company Number, ICO Number, VAT Number.

Wizard Manager

As the Applicant completes each step of the Application Wizard upon first registration, the progress is marked off in the Wizard Progress section of the profile, this gives you upto date information on the current progress of the appliciation. Once the Applicant has completed the Wizard, if they have missed sections or there is parts that you are unhappy with, you may Reset certain parts of the wizard. One you click the rest button, you are shown the Fields that the wizard section comprises of, you are then asked to confirm the wizard reset. Please note this does not reset the completed form fields, it simply forces them to go back through this part of the wizard upon next login.

Instant Communication

Instantly Get in Contact with Employee by SMS or Email direct from the Profile page. This completely bypasses the Internal Confidential Messaging system and writes the message in the body of the email and SMS.

The system warns you to that the message you are about to send will be available directly in the email body. It advises that if the message is Mission Critical or Confidential to use the Internal Messaging System. There is a helpful link that takes you directly to compose an Internal Confidential Message to this Employee.

You would use this messaging system if you wanted to get intouch with the Employee quickly and nothing in the message was Mission Critial or Confidential. This Email message would then be sent to the Employee with the message writing in the body of the Email.

Personal Agreements & Documents

Aswell as the Global agreements / documents, you have the ability to add peronal agreements / documents to the Employees profile. 

Personal Agreements: can be used when you would like to give a document to the employee in question personally but require a signature from the employee as a confirmation of receipt. e.g. disciplinary action.

Personal Documents: can be used when you would like to give a document to the employee in question personally that doesnt require a signature. These documents are not available to anyone but this employee.

You can restrict access to a document so only your Management team can view the document. This allows management to add private documents to an employee record that the management do not want the employee to see e.g. employment performance record.

The system also allows the ability to either Type the document or upload an external file in PDF, docx or image format. You can also copy protect your ‘typed in’ documents you share with your employee, this prevents them from taking screenshots or trying to copy them.

Data Export

From within the Employee profile you have the ability to export the Employee’s personal data in our own proprietary encrypted format called a VSSP (Vireo Security Software Profile) file.

To generate the VSSP file, you must provide a password which is used to encrypt the file. The password is combined with our own secure 512bit security key and our algorithms to output a file in the format of .vssp. which is then downloaded.

This can be used to make an encrypted backup of your employees data, or to transfer employee data securely from one Vireo system to another.

Aswell as in VSSP you also have the ability to export the data into Plain Human Readable format.

Please only export using this method, if you plan to encrypt the storage device and store the data securely. If you lose data in this easy readable format, you may breach data protection laws.

Profile Data:  You can export all the profile information from the profile page into a readable PDF format. This includes all Qualifications, Education and Evidence Listings but no files.

Uploaded Files: Choosing to export uploaded files, the system finds all files the Employee has uploaded and one by one adds them to a compressed zip file. This file can them be opened with a data compression tool such as WINZIP, WINRAR, 7-Zip or Mac Archive Utility

Signed Agreements: Compiles all the Agreements the Employee has signed using the system into one single PDF document.

C.V. (Curriculum Vitae) Export

Clicking the “Print CV” button from within the profile page allows you to Export the Employee CV data for a client or for your records to PDF format.

The export is in exactly the same format as the Job Shortlist PDF file, the personally identifiable information is stripped from the CV data, the Fullname and photo is the only personally identifiable information on the CV. 

The system adds the Employee profile image, Full name, Country, Biography, Education, Qualifications and Employment aswell as a list of the company agreements and the corresponding signature status.

One-Click Checker

The ability to one click check your Employees:

SIA Licence – External Check:

Clicking the SIA licence within the side menu opens up a new web browser window and takes you to the SIA Website with the Licence check results displayed. This is used so you can manually verify externally with the SIA that the Licence exists.

SIA Licence – Check and Record:

This Licence check completes the check on your behalf and stores the result in this Employees profile. Once you click the Check button, the system goes to the SIA website, retrieves the results and instantly displays it to you. It also takes the data and records it in the database for the Employee.

Company Details:

If your Employee is self employed and has provided their Company Information. You can check their company name and number on the Companies House website at the click of a button. You can also check the employees name and address against Companies house for other registered businesses they may own.

Also clicking on the Social Media icons takes you directly to their social media profiles on the corresponding Social Media Network.

Personal Social Media:

Clicking on the Social Media icons at the bottom of the profile page, takes you directly to their Personal Social Media profiles on the corresponding Social Media Network

ICO Number: Clicking the Number in the ICO section will automatically search the Information Commissioner’s Office Website for the Number. You can then check the registration details aswell as the name of the Data Controller.

VAT Number: Clicking the VAT number under the VAT info section, will automatically search the European Commission website and complete a VIES VAT number validation check, the results are then displayed including the Member State and Company VAT Details.

Medical Centres: 

Hovering over the Medical and Dental Records Symbol will show you the address off the Medical Centre and Dental Centre. These Section would normally only be used if you are completing security in Hostile Environments. 

Clicking on the Chainlink icon will complete an Internet search of the Full company name and address to instantly present to you the details of the Medical or Dental Centre for verification.

Vehicle Tax: Employees have the ability to upload Vehicle details that they may use while on a job.

You have the ability to search the DVLA vehicle enquiry service, to do so you simply click on the Vehicle registration Number in the Vehicles table that looks like a number plate. This runs a search on the website to check if the vehicle is Taxed and has its MOT at the click of a button.

Vehicle Insurance: 

You may also check if the Vehicle is insured, you simply click the ‘Check Insurance’ button in the Vehicles Table.

The system then goes away to the Motor Insurance Database and checks that the Vehicle is Insured. It also displays the exact Make and Model details including Engine cc for you to match against your records.

Location Maps

When the Employee first registers they provide their Home Address which is Geo Located by the system. This is the default location for the map in the Employee profile.

When the Employee uses their portal to submit the address of their current location or uses the Mobile apps to GPS pinpoint their location for Jobs. The map is then updated with this location.

Because the GPS chip in the Mobile Apps provide the software with the Longitude, Latitude and Altitude of the Employee, its possible to view the exact location on street level in the 3D space.

Invoice Records

When an Employee either uploads an Invoice or uses the Invoice Generator on the Mobile app or Portal, the Invoice is stored on their profile under the Invoices section. 

You can view the invoice details, the due date, view the file and mark as paid once you have paid the invoice.  Any Invoices that have passed the due date send you an invoice reminder that they are due.

Driving Declarations

If you choose you can turn on Driving declarations on an individual Employee basis. Driving declarations then force your employees that are driving for your company, to sign an explicit statement that they will immediately notify your company in the event of any incident or prosecution that might lead to the suspension of their licence. this includes by conviction for driving or motor-related offences, or the development of health problems, 

If they become disqualified from driving for any reason or of any health or medical or other issue that might reasonably be expected to affect their ability to drive safely.

This ensures that you can not be held liable if they sign a declaration that they are fully licenced and have no medical problems and you find out to the contrary. This will also help in the case with your company insurance to pay any damages if an accident were to occur.

Payment Rates

From within the Payment rate section, you have the ability to create pay bands for different employee types. You create the bands and give them a name and an identifying colour. You can then assign the Payment bands to your employees using the Payment Rate Selector.

This is used for when creating and advertising your Job, you can specify the amount you will pay for each band on a job by job basis. When the advertisement goes out to the employees, they will only ever see the payment rate for their band.

Job Application History

When the employee applies for a job either via the Jobs board, by SMS, or email. The record of their application is stored in the system. If they are eventually successful, this record is updated to reflect their Job Application history. You can look through the Employees job applications, which jobs they applied for, which they were successfull and what type of device they had applied for the Job on.

Ban and Termination

From within the Employee profile you have the ability to ban and terminate your employees.

If you ban an Employee, this keeps him as a live Employee within your roster, but kicks them out and bans them from logging in and participating in the portal, they can not be selected for and advertised jobs. When they login they are presented with a message that states they are banned from the system.

If you Terminate an employee, this bans the employee and also removes them from the live roster and moves them into the declined employee section. This is used for former employees, it moves them out of your live roster and removes all access to their portal.

Worldwide Location Map

The overview map allows you to see the worldwide location of your entire workforce all on one map.

Any employee that has updated their location using the Android or iPhone app or via their portal will be displayed at their exact location on the map. This can be used for instance as a quick visual overview of who is closest to a location to cover a job.

If you are using our Vehicle Location GPS or Asset Management GPS devices, their current locations will also be displayed on the map.

Document Review System

When an Employee uploads their Continued Professional Development to the software, the Document review system (the same one you would use during the Application process) is then used for any additional Qualifications, Education and new Evidence that you may receive during their ongoing employment. The Review system ensures that anything uploaded is checked before being accepted into the Employees profile.

Login History

The system keeps the History of exactly when each of your Employee’s have logged into their portal. This allows you to check if your employees are being pro active, it can also be used as time management, if your employees are required to login at a specific time of the day.

You can also check the Employee’s history of actions to review what your employees are doing within the system. 

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