Shift Management

If you choose shift management for a perticular job, the Employee must sign on for the job via the Moibile App, this provides time management as well as their constant location information sent via the Mobile app.

Manual Tracking

If you do not switch on shift management for the Employee in the perticular job, the Manual tracking section is available via the Mobile App for the Employee to manually switch on Location Tracking for their safety.

Global GPS Devices

We sell our own Global GPS tracking devices that work with our system, we dont believe in charging you every step of the way, so once you purchase the GPS Tracking device, you put in your own sim card, pay for your own data and you can track untill your hearts content. Save your company thousands a year, with our tracking devices paired with the Vireo System.

Company Vehicle Tracking

If you purchase our global GPS devices, you can add them to the system and allocate them to one of your company vehicles. This allows you unlimited vehicle tracking for the price of a GPS device, a sim and monthly data. No lengthy contracts or rolling fees.

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