Fully Customisable Triggers

From the Triggers edit section you can customise the notification and contact you would prefer for each user action trigger. We have daily triggers which are fired each day, Administrator triggers, Employee triggers and Client triggers, all of which are fired when a user completes a set instruction on the system.

Notify: adds an internal notification to the users notification menu, also sends out a mobile push notification if the user is logged into a mobile app.

Email: sends an email to the users external email account.

SMS: sends a text message to the users phone.

Please Note: If you are the only administrator on the system you will not receive any notifications for the triggers you select under the administrator section. Since you would be the only administrator and would be completing the actions, you would be aware of every action that has been completed on the system. If there is more than one administrator, when you complete a trigger, a notification will be shown to them. When they complete a trigger, a notification of their action will be shown to you.

Trigger List

You can choose any combination to suit your own company’s needs for notification and communication.

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