Starting the App

App Icon: You can start the app by clicking on the App Icon either within your all apps menu or from within your home screen if you have added the Icon shortcut.

Splash Screen: Once you start the app and the app is loading, you are presented with the splash screen.

Window Icon: Depending on your device, when you press the home button to view all windows, you will see the Vireo icon for easy switching between and finding the app in your list of open apps.

Company Code

Once the user has installed and they first open the app, they are brought to the company list page, they must add your company code to the app. The code can be retreived via the cloud login page on your system, if you have turned on app access in the management area settings page, or you can simply give your app company code to your employees manually.

Once your employees submit the company code, your licence infomation is checked from our servers and the relevant configuration data is pulled into the user’s app and your company is added to their company list.

Once the user clicks the company name, the app then morphs to match your company branding. The only diffrence between the Branded apps and the Vireo app is the Vireo app allows your employees to use many company’s portals from one app. With the Branded app, the employee is pushed directly to your login page bypassing the company code page.

Login Page

The Login Page and process for the app is identical to the login page for the cloud version.

The employee must type in their username and password correctly to login to the app. 

If they try unsuccessfully 10 times in a row, their IP address is instantly banned for security reasons and must ask the management team to remove the ban. This is the same banning process as the cloud version of the software.

The “Select Company” button at the bottom of the login page is for when an employee is using the app for multiple companies they can logout from your company’s system and then switch companies and login to another company system from within the same app.

Main Menu

Clicking the Hamburger menu from the top right next to the profile photo, pops out the main menu.
The App Main Menu consists of:

  • Dashboard
  • Mailbox
  • Jobs Board
  • Operations
  • My Calendar
  • Invoice History
  • My Vehicles
  • My Location
  • My Data
  • Health & Safety
  • Login Details



Jobs Board

The app has the “Jobs Board” list exactly the same as the cloud version, as you can see by the screenshot, we have turned the screen view to landscape to get more real estate.

Clicking on the “View” button under the Apply column, will bring up the Jobs Board Advertisement for the employee to review.

The Jobs Board Advertisement lists:

  • Sectors
  • Advertisement Details
  • Job Requirements
  • Possible Start Date
  • Location Town & Country
  • Pay Rate

Job Management

The App has all the exact Job Management features of the Cloud counterpart.

All the tools your Employees needed to manage Jobs, from Location Tracking to Shift Calendar and Rotas to Report submission, the system has all the tools needed for your Employees to manage jobs for your company and liase directly with your management teams.

Shift Calendar

The My Shift Calendar section of the App allows the Employee to review all shifts across all Jobs from one single location.

Any shifts that the administrators add to the Management portal, the system instantly notifys the Employee via the app and the Shifts are available to view in the App in realtime.



My Vehicles section allows the Employee to notify management via the Mobile App, of any Vehicles they are using ontask. 

Location for Recruitment

The Update Location section on the App is different to its Cloud version counterpart as the mobile devices contain a GPS chip.

The Cloud version asks the employee to provide their current address details which is then used to Geo-Locate that address with an external mapping service to retreive the longitude and latitude. The Employee can provide any address, so the Cloud Version is not guaranteed to be accurate.

The App simply does not need to do this, as it already has the longitude and latitude for the current location via the GPS chip. When the Employee clicks “Update Location” the app requests the GPS location and submits the location data directly to your server. This is the most simple and accurate way of getting the employee’s exact location with one click.

Data Protection

Document Hub

From the Document Hub section, the Employee can review any system wide and personal documents uploaded for them.

The document hub section is great for you to provide your company documentation for your employees to have, at hand, on their mobile devices.

Health & Safety

Login Details

The login details part of the App allows your employee to change their account password via the Mobile App. The password they set here changes their password throughout all Apps and Cloud services for their account.

The password manager displays to the Employee if the password they have typed both match and also the Strength of the password that has been typed. The Employee must match the strength that the management have enforced from the Management Portal settings.

Once the employee have changed their password, they are kicked out of the system and asked to log back in, to ensure that their password has been changed correctly.


The Notifications for your system are displayed within the Mobile app, the Employee can review the notifications at any time by clicking the bell icon at the top of the App.

Clicking the “Read All Notifications” from within the notifications drop down will bring the Employee to the Notifications overview page, where they can review all previous notifications that they have received from the system.


The expense section is identical to the cloud version in the way it works apart from the Mobile App has a “Camera” button that allows the Employee to directly scan the receipt with the Mobile device’s Camera and instantly submit it to the system for mangement to review.


The app not only allows you as the management team to “Forced Shift Sign-on” location tracking were you require your employees to provide location tracking as part of their Shift requirements

There is also a Tracking section for your employees to manually “Start Tracking” their location voluntarily, for their own security or insurance purposes. 

For instance, if one of your employees are in a Hostile environment, they may wish to track their location for their own safety and security reasons.

Once they start tracking, there is a permanent alert in the phone’s notificaiton area, advising the user that “Background Tracking” is “Enabled”. They can only remove this notification by manually turning the location tracking off for the Job from within the App.

Background Tracking means the employee can completely close the App and the tracking will still continue in the background. When the employee goes out of data range, the Background tracking keeps logging their location until a data connection can be re-established and then all the location data is dumped to the server.

The Ultimate Management software for the Security & Investigation Industries.